Exceptional Experience and Successful OSCE Pass at Nurse Assist International (NAI)

I am writing to express my utmost appreciation and satisfaction with the exceptional experience I had at NAI during my recent OSCE preparation. I am delighted to share that I successfully passed the OSCE, and I credit a significant portion of my success to the comprehensive training and support provided by NAI. From the moment I enrolled in NAI, I was impressed by the professionalism, expertise, and dedication of George sir, Preethi ma’am, Geetha ma’am and Reena ma’am. They demonstrated a profound understanding of the OSCE structure and content, guiding us through each step of the process. Their commitment to ensuring our success was evident through their engaging teaching methods, valuable insights, and unwavering support. The mock OSCE sessions, in particular, were invaluable in helping me gain confidence and refine my skills. Additionally, the feedback and constructive criticism offered by the faculty after each session greatly enhanced my performance and helped me identify areas for improvement. Anusha ma’am also deserves recognition for her outstanding support and assistance. She was always approachable, prompt in addressing any queries or concerns.

I wholeheartedly recommend NAI to anyone seeking comprehensive and top-notch OSCE preparation. Once again, I extend my deepest gratitude to the entire NAI team for their dedication and commitment to helping students succeed.
Thank you.

SujithOSCE Passer

I am glad that I chose Nurse Assist International for my NCLEX-RN and OSCE journey. I wanted to thank you all NAI members/facilitators for your continuous guidance, motivation, support, encouragement, interactive online review classes and being so much flexible. The online materials resources provided and face to face training for OSCE was really advantageous and the best. Thank you so much for being flexible to practice in your lab. Thank you for going above and beyond to support 24/7 to the aspirants. I highly recommend joining NAI, anyone who are seeking guidance to get success in OBA pathway. No regrets! Many Thanks!! Good luck 🙂!

Sangita ShresthaOSCE Passer

Thank you, NAI, for helping me pass my OSCE!! I was really lost after passing my NCLEX, I don’t know how I will get through it. But with your guidance I’m able to do it. My breaking point was during the assessment (part of NAI’s program). I am practicing almost every day, but before our test date we’ve been assessed by the educators. Their feedback was a game changer. NAI have their way of motivating students. They show love, care and discipline; plus, they allowed and trusted their students to use their lab. Highly recommended to all candidates out there who chose OBA Pathway.

RebeccaOSCE Passer

I passed my OSCE with a perfect score 10/10 thanks to NAI and my hard work! I will be forever grateful to you guys, especially to Preeti and Georgi! You are the absolute best! Thanks for the encouragement and the knowledge you guys shared with us to achieve this success! You all know that it was not easy for me, but I got up even stronger and regained my confidence after joining NAI 🤩. I have no more words to describe my happiness and how thankful I am to you guys and to God. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I can’t recommend NAI highly enough!!!

Francisca ParedesOSCE Passer

The best institute for OSCE preparation- NAI 🙂 I have been with NAI since my NCLEX and I passed both my NCLEX and OSCE in my first attempt.. Educators are amazing, abundant resources and easy access to lab for practice. Proper guidance and motivation. Please don’t wait, join NAI and start your OBA pathway journey. Huge thanks to all the educators and NAI team🙏

Reema AdhikariNCLEX and OSCE Passer

I thought it best to write a review once I get the results so here it is 😇 As someone who have worked as a nurse for more than 10 years ( my home country and middle east), one would think that a review centre isn’t necessary. I did self-review for NCLEX, however OSCE is very much unlike it. Au standards are very much different and you would not want to waste your $4000. As I said before, I’d be lost without NAI’s guidance and support. I’ve been attending their online classes since last year, even though there was no assurance of the Au border opening. I think it’s best to prepare early especially in theory so it wouldn’t be hard to practice later on. Their lab is open 24/7 for us to hone our skills. Forever grateful to Preeti, Georgi, Geeta and all the amazing educators of NAI. They really pushed us to be our best and now all the hard work has finally paid off.

GeraldineOSCE Passer

I am extremely thankful to NAI for assisting and guiding me in my OSCE exam, especially to Preeti, for her dedication on and off her schedule. I remember attending her extra class for practice even though only a few students will attend and sometimes on holiday. Kudos to all educators, they don’t teach and leave you the rest, they see to it that you get the important details and that everything is done and dusted. Shout out to Maya, Geeta, Hazel, Preeti and Georgi.

Highly recommended review centre for OSCE exam. You will learn and they will make sure you are ready and prepared for the exam. Their group studies and one on one consultations are very effective. Being part of NAI feels like a family that will not only help you academically but will boost your morale as an international nurse. Big thanks again NAI!

Lyra AgudaOSCE Passer

The only institute that I would recommend if you were on your OBA journey is Nurse Assist International. I am so grateful to NAI team for helping me pass NCLEX-RN. It has got trained educators, unlimited access to online classes and study materials. Trust me they will keep you motivated and disciplined to study. Now I am one step ahead in my OBA journey. Thank you NAI.

Nabina GyawaliNCLEX-RN Passer

I’ve finished OSCE and I passed my exam in my First attempt. I am absolutely convinced it was worth doing! They have the best tutors, who are extremely qualified. The content of the course was precise and additional materials were available 24/7. All NAI students were provided with facilities to practice in the lab even at weekend. Inputs were useful and I immediately implemented some techniques into practice. I recommend NAI to all those overseas nurses who are out there, to fulfill their dream to become an AU RN! A big thank to our tutors Ms Geeta, Ms Preeti and Mr Georgi.

Rejeena VargheseOSCE Passer

Due to recent pandemic and series of lockdowns, my OSCE journey was long and frustrating but with the help of NAI, I was guided in the right way and it was worth it in the end. NAI has provided me with the relevant resources, knowledge and skills that helped me with my OSCE preparation.

First of all, I would like to thank the whole NAI team and educators for all the learning and guidance. They have been fully supportive and professional from start to finish. I would also like to thank my fellow students who pushed me to do my best and motivated me to focus and strive harder in my preparation for the OSCE. Thank you NAI for all the relentless practice and motivations throughout our sessions. I am grateful that I enrolled myself with NAI.

To all OBA candidates, BELIEVE in yourself, FOCUS and PRACTICE. You are one step closer in achieving your goal and dream. I highly recommend NAI for those who need assistance and preparation with their OBA process.

Robert RamirezOSCE Passer