Reflection of my journey from NCLEX- OSCE- to Aussie RN.
Juggling with work, study and many hidden situations, it was full of scary roller coaster…… a simple word, to reach upto this it was not easy task.
Constant effort and motivation was key things that I always needed to get back my status as RN in Australia.
Special thanks to my all adorable NCLEX tutor Nurse Assist International who guided me to track down to the core units and cracked out wonderful tips and techniques to hack NCLEX, Thank you so much my tutors.
Special thanks to all my OSCE tutor Nurse Assist International #nurseassistinternational who oriented me to Australian policies and procedure and reflected smart way how to tackle each scenarios not only in exam even in real work setup. #preeti, your constant motivation and ur personal effort its remarkable and remains an example of perfect influencer. love you all always.❤️❤️❤️❤️