I thought it best to write a review once I get the results so here it is 😇 As someone who have worked as a nurse for more than 10 years ( my home country and middle east), one would think that a review centre isn’t necessary. I did self-review for NCLEX, however OSCE is very much unlike it. Au standards are very much different and you would not want to waste your $4000. As I said before, I’d be lost without NAI’s guidance and support. I’ve been attending their online classes since last year, even though there was no assurance of the Au border opening. I think it’s best to prepare early especially in theory so it wouldn’t be hard to practice later on. Their lab is open 24/7 for us to hone our skills. Forever grateful to Preeti, Georgi, Geeta and all the amazing educators of NAI. They really pushed us to be our best and now all the hard work has finally paid off.