When I was about to prepare for my OSCE journey, at first, I was lost and I doubted myself if I will be able to make it.
Yet, Nurse Assist International became my backbone on my OSCE journey and to be able to pass it in one take. They gave us more than 100% of their capabilities and skills to immensely prepare us in our exam. The preparations they gave us during our face to face and online classes helped me to gain confidence as I practice in the laboratory almost every day.
To Ma’am Preeti and Sir Georgi, thank you for treating us like your own family and for checking on us every now and then; to Ma’am Geeta and to the rest of the NAI educators, thank you for all your unwavering support and comprehensive knowledge that you imparted to us.
And to our Almighty God, I thank Him for making things possible. God bless NAI more. 😇❤️