My heartfelt thanks to NAI team and my co-trainees turned friends who were very supportive during tough times. I cannot hold a single word how to express my gratitude in passing OSCE. As a mum of two, juggling my studies and a full time job isn’t easy. Life has full of possibilities indeed, just trust God’s plan, live it and enjoy it!

JoanaOSCE Passer

NAI made my dream to become AU Nurse possible. The trainers are very experienced and well supported during the whole OSCE training period which made me successful to clear my OSCE examination at first attempt. Thank you NAI team for your support and priceless training. Love to be a part of NAI.

SandhyaOSCE Passer

Thank you so much NAI team for providing regular support throughout my NCLEX and OSCE journey. It’s been really helpful for those who are looking for such guidance . Those classes were very effective, concise and motivating towards your goal. I would strongly recommend Nurse Assist International for your NCLEX and OSCE preparation.
Finally I am at the stage, where I can say that “I am so glad to be the part of NAI family”.
The educators are very experienced and friendly so I felt comfortable and confident throughout my journey and finally I pass my OSCE.

Sabitri KandelOSCE Passer

Nurse Assist had helped me in successfully passing my OSCE which I took last February. The lectures were thorough and the lab preparations made me confident in performing the skills needed during the actual exam. Thank you to the NAI team for all your hardwork and dedication in guiding us through our AURN journey. 😊

Charlyn ManoosOSCE Passer

Nurse Assist International was very prompt and considerate with their responses when I first inquired about the OSCE training. When I met my educators online, they were all very professional, and encouraged me to engage with the discussions, making sure no one gets left behind. Since I am located in the regional area, they allowed me to have extra days in the training area in Sydney when I had time to visit. They even provided me with the materials so I may be able to continue practicing at home. It has been a refreshing and humbling experience for me, and I will always be thankful for the people behind Nurse Assist International and the group of students that I have reviewed with. You guys helped me get the results I prayed and worked so hard for. Definitely a pleasure working with everyone here. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you! ☺️

LennieOSCE Passer