NAI is the best for OBA program. NAI as mentioned by many others have the best team of educators Thankful for the constant motivation and guidance from NAI team. The resources provided were very helpful for NCLEX preparation.

Samikshya KarmacharyaNCLEX Passer

In life, it is important to meet right people. In my aspiration to become Australia Nurse, I met Nurse Assist International. They have great teachers, good learning environment, motivational student support. Glad our path met. 

Gladys OmaraNCLEX-RN Passer

I am so proud to say I am a student of NAI and have passed my NCLEX-RN review with all the support and classes NAI provided.5 days of fabulous NCLEX online classes. Really enjoyed this NCLEX-RN course. I learned many new things. Educator and staff provide full support and guidance to the students. 

Arvinder SinghNCLEX-RN Passer

I highly recommend Nurse Assist International for OBA Nursing program introduced by AHPRA. The NCLEX and OSCE training course NAI provide is very valuable and effective. Moreover, they have wonderful lecturer and staff who will assist you with every step in your process. So happy to be a part of NAI team☺️You guys are amazing!!! 

Gurkiran KaurNCLEX-RN Passer

I passed my NCLEX -RN examination today. Thank you so much Nurse Assist International team. The NCLEX-RN coaching classes were so much helpful in achieving this result. Nurse Assist International have the best tutors and team members who are always there to help the students. The elaboration technique and tips during the NCLEX-RN classes from NAI are the best. I highly recommend NAI for international nurses who are willing to get their registration in Australia. I am so proud to be part of NAI family. Thank you so much. 

Ranigta KarkiNCLEX-RN Passer

I am very happy to be part of Nurse Assist International for NCLEX-RN  training in Australia. All the educators are very motivating with excellent teaching environment. It is one of the best NCLEX-RN training to help you to achieve your goal. I highly recommend to join this. Thank you all the team members for helping me in preparing for my NCLEX-RN exams. 

Roshna LimbuNCLEX-RN Passer

Thank you very much to NAI team and the educators. I passed my NCLEX-RN  exam with the help of this valuable course and their immense support and guidance. NAI has plenty of Study materials and resources were great. I would like to recommend everyone to join this excellent team for those who are looking to step into Australian Nursing journey. 

Laxmi AlexNCLEX-RN Passer

Reflection of my journey from NCLEX- OSCE- to Aussie RN.
Juggling with work, study and many hidden situations, it was full of scary roller coaster…… a simple word, to reach upto this it was not easy task.
Constant effort and motivation was key things that I always needed to get back my status as RN in Australia.
Special thanks to my all adorable NCLEX tutor Nurse Assist International who guided me to track down to the core units and cracked out wonderful tips and techniques to hack NCLEX, Thank you so much my tutors.
Special thanks to all my OSCE tutor Nurse Assist International #nurseassistinternational who oriented me to Australian policies and procedure and reflected smart way how to tackle each scenarios not only in exam even in real work setup. #preeti, your constant motivation and ur personal effort its remarkable and remains an example of perfect influencer. love you all always.❤️❤️❤️❤️

Diya RaiOBA (NCLEX-RN & OSCE) Passer

NAI is an institute for International nurses looking for NCLEX and OSCE training. All the educators especially Mick was awesome. NAI is the best institute if you are planning to undertake your OBA program and become registered nurses in Australia. Thanks NAI for providing nice and knowledgeable sessions with Michael.

Beant KaurNCLEX passer

“Strongly recommend institution for NCLEX review classes. If you are looking for any NCLEX-RN preparation course, NAI is the best in Australia for NCLEX and OSCE training. Very much satisfied with the techniques and teachings. Amazing student support teams who are always ready to give guidance any time we want😍

AnshuNCLEX-RN Passer