“NAI is the best institute if you are looking for undertaking this NCLEX-RN and OSCE with Nurse Assist International. It was a great experience under an excellent guidance from the expertise. I felt more motivated and confident towards my goal and learning from such an amazing team has given me zeal to achieve it. Thank you. Cheers.”

Poonam SilwalNCLEX-RN Passer

When I was about to prepare for my OSCE journey, at first, I was lost and I doubted myself if I will be able to make it.
Yet, Nurse Assist International became my backbone on my OSCE journey and to be able to pass it in one take. They gave us more than 100% of their capabilities and skills to immensely prepare us in our exam. The preparations they gave us during our face to face and online classes helped me to gain confidence as I practice in the laboratory almost every day.
To Ma’am Preeti and Sir Georgi, thank you for treating us like your own family and for checking on us every now and then; to Ma’am Geeta and to the rest of the NAI educators, thank you for all your unwavering support and comprehensive knowledge that you imparted to us.
And to our Almighty God, I thank Him for making things possible. God bless NAI more. 😇❤️

Michelle AnneOSCE Passer

I have been away in the field of nursing practice for some time. Although I’m very much familiar with the nursing procedures, I still feel that taking OSCE will be a great challenge for me, especially that the nursing approach here in Australia has some differences compared to the ones I learned and used to do. I’m happy I found NAI. The instructors were very friendly, supportive, and flexible. Their teaching techniques made me understand and perform the procedures with confidence. Everything to be learned was explained in a simple and a succinct manner. The activities were very interactive. They focus on each student’s room for improvement. I really enjoyed my whole experience with NAI. And, I highly recommend NAI for those who are planning to take OSCE in Australia. Thank you so much NAI!

Cesar MagistradoOSCE Passer

I just want to thank God first above all for sending me to this centre to help me conquer OSCE. Thank you to all the skilled educators of NAI specially mam Preeti, I personally feel your genuinely love for us as your student, for reminding us always and cheering us up, thank you for understanding what we are dealing. NAI just not provide us the right information we need but also, we find new friends and family that will be forever cherished. God bless us all!

Krystle JoiOSCE Passer

After a long wait, all the hard work and dedication towards my goal was finally achieved. My journey of OBA(NCLEX and OSCE) was tough, yet I was able to accomplish because of immense support, guidance and blessing from my family and NAI team💓
I am so grateful, I’ve been part of NAI family in achieving my dream. The online classes, face to face sessions, lab practice and all the learning resources are very effective. I will be forever thankful to the teachers and whole NAI family. And I also recommend the overseas nurses to join NAI family to pursue their dream of becoming Australian RN.😊 — feeling blessed.

Sachita GaireNCLEX-RN and OSCE Passer

Hard work and guidance in the right direction is always the key to success. NAI has a very well designed NCLEX RN and OSCE programme for the international nurses. NAI continuously supports, guides and motivates us in every possible way. Thank you NAI for helping me to pass my NCLEX RN and OSCE exam successfully and fulfil my dream to become a Australian Registered Nurse. I would like to recommend NAI to all the overseas nurses who are trying to get a nursing registration here in Australia.

Renu BhattariNCLEX-RN and OSCE Passer

NAI is a good platform for international nurses to pass OSCE.The classes here are worth attending and the teachers are very supportive. They motivate us and guide us to have the best preparation for the examination. The student support team is always ready to answer our queries and clear our confusion. I found it worth joining in NAI and I recommend you guys to join here if you are looking for any institutes.

Damanjeet KaurOSCE Passer

I would like to thank whole NAI team for their continued support, encouragement and motivation during my OSCE exam. It was their effort and teaching that helped me pass my OSCE in very first attempt. I did not have much experience post graduation and was so nervous about this exam but NAI helped me to build my confidence and perform the skills better.
I would recommend OSCE takers to give NAI the chance to alleviate your self doubt and build the much needed confidence for OSCE with extensive teaching and practice sessions.

Asmita RimalOSCE Passer

My heartfelt thanks to NAI team and my co-trainees turned friends who were very supportive during tough times. I cannot hold a single word how to express my gratitude in passing OSCE. As a mum of two, juggling my studies and a full time job isn’t easy. Life has full of possibilities indeed, just trust God’s plan, live it and enjoy it!

JoanaOSCE Passer

NAI made my dream to become AU Nurse possible. The trainers are very experienced and well supported during the whole OSCE training period which made me successful to clear my OSCE examination at first attempt. Thank you NAI team for your support and priceless training. Love to be a part of NAI.

SandhyaOSCE Passer