Updates on NCLEX-RN 2023 Onwards
Jun 25

Updates on NCLEX-RN 2023 Onwards

Jun 25

As written in our recent blog, the NCLEX-NGN or Next Generation NCLEX is a new pathway that ensures that internationally educated nurses meet Australian health practitioner standards. This new standardized test has been recently introduced by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), which assesses if an individual who took the test is eligible for an entry-level nursing license in Australia.

Nurse Assist International provides review programs that prepare the candidates for this examination as well as assistance during the OBA application process.

While we know that self-study has been one of the most effective (and cost-effective) ways to pass exams, there are also glaring benefits of enrolling in courses that provide modules and guidance on how these exams work. For NCLEX-NGN, aside from the exam proper, there is also a process that needs to be followed prior to taking the test.

The NCLEX-NGN is only the second step of the whole process, and being able to excellently deliver in this step gives the individual a good chance of getting a nursing license in Australia. This is why Nurse Assist International has carefully crafted their NCLEX-NGN Preparation Course to give the examinees the necessary knowledge and support they need to pass the exam.

What to Expect from the NCLEX-NGN Preparation Course:

1. Content Review: which provides an extensive and comprehensive review of nursing concepts and principles.

2. Strategies for taking the exam: where students learn the most effective strategies to take this specific exam.

3. Practice tests: this includes coaching where the students are also given sample tests to familiarise themselves with the actual exam.

4. Personalised feedback: this is based on the instructor’s individual assessment of the student to ensure that every feedback action item is given to help the student in the area that needs improvement.

5. Confidence and accountability: A structured approach is provided to help the student study for the NCLEX exam and at the same time, build confidence amidst the high level of stress that the exam preparation provides.

Nurse Assist International understands that for most test-takers, this is a make-or-break situation, hence they waste no time or resources in providing the best and most effective training based on their personal experience. Many examinees have trusted NAI for their preparation courses and have successfully passed the various pre-requisite exams to obtain a nursing license in Australia.

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