Who We Are

Nurse Assist International (NAI) was founded by a group of Nurse Educators who pride themselves in their passion for education and academics. We are the best at what we do, preparing Internationally Qualified Nurses to confidently sit through the Outcome-Based Assessment tests and come out in flying colours. We enable you to embark on that dream journey of adding that prestigious RN before your name.

Our tailor-made learning programs delivered by our talented educators will make your journey a memorable and intuitive one. We believe in our students and work together with them, assisting them in attaining their goals; hence, our name – 'Nurse Assist'. Our course is designed to assist you in acquiring the knowledge, skills and personal attributes necessary for safe, proficient and effective nursing practice.

Our Values

  • Validation: We validate your feelings and fear. It’s ok to be scared of Next Generation NCLEX (NGN). We will support you to overcome your fears and enable you to analyse and think critically. Together, we shall overcome!
  • Respect: We thrive on mutual respect. We acknowledge that you are no inferior to your Australian counterparts. We polish those skills that are in you to standards acceptable to Australian Health Care. Remember, you are a nurse already!
  • Opportunity: We believe in equal opportunities for all our aspiring RNs. Once you are through your Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) and OSCE exams and have your Australian Nursing Registration, we assist you with your job search in this competitive market.
  • Organisation: We are a student-driven organisation. We take your feedback seriously and act on them to provide better support.
  • Acknowledge: We acknowledge the journey to becoming an Australian Registered Nurse is complex. We were all there once. We are in this together.

Our Vision

To enable Internationally Qualified Nurses to become excellent health practitioners

in Australia.

Our Mission

NAI is dedicated to providing high-quality OBA preparatory courses to enable

Internationally Qualified Nurses to successfully pass their Next Generation

NCLEX (NGN) and OSCE exams in the first attempt. We aim to make the transition

transition to Australian RN a smooth and memorable journey for international nurses.

We can help you achieve your nursing goal

Ready for your Australian nursing journey?

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