I woudn’t ace my OSCE with a perfect score, if not with the help of the amazing team of NAI. I have learned a lot, and never regretted enrolling into this institution. They will not only provide their knowledge and expertise, but also their hearts for their students. The unlimited reviews, never ending reminders, prompt responses, assessment week, and online reviews prepared me to gain the needed confidence during my exam. The dedication of the educators always amazes me. Special thanks to Geeta, Maya, Hazel, and of course Preeti. Thank you NAI for bolding me not just for my exam, but as future AURN. The institute became an instrument on how I have achieved my AURN dream. God bless and more power NAI! You have my support all the way. I will be forever grateful as I am now officially, an Australian Registered Nurse!

HazelOSCE Passer

“It was hard for me to choose between different review centers for OBA . My friends suggested NAI because of their pass rates and student feedback. I am so thankful to God for being able to make the right decision. Yes ! I did it . Finally an Australian RN. Thank you NAI for the guidance and support. It wouldn’t have been possible without you guys . Hooray NAI!!!”

Anju TimalsinaOSCE Passer

“Nurse Assist International (NAI) held my hand when I was lost in the pathway for nursing registration at AHPRA. Though having years of overseas experience as a nurse, I did not have courage to attend the OSCE until I enrolled at NAI. Thanks to all teachers and their ongoing support and motivation, I not only gather the courage to sit on OSCE, but also passed it in the first attempt. Tutors of NAI are more than friends and they have wealth of knowledge and experience and resourceful too. They play the key role in person like me to achieve our dream come true, dream to get nursing registration and dream to become a part of Australian health industry. Thank you NAI.”

MayaOSCE Passer

“NAI is definitely the best institute if you are looking for NCLEX and OSCE coaching. The review ,the classes are unbelievable. Educators and their teaching style is just amazing. Very helpful teachers and lovely teaching skill. NAI provides all the what you need for NCLEX and OSCE to crack the EXAM. I would very much much recommended this course in Nurse Assist International”

Rojina PantNCLEX-RN Passer

“NAI has the most interesting NCLEX-RN online classes. The training for NCLEX are extremely effective and very interesting as well. NAI is the best institute if you are looking for NCLEX_ RN training in Australia. Various teachers from different nationalities teach us with their unique style of teaching. Its usually very difficult to focus back to study after a long gap. However, the lecturers make sure that we understand very clearly and are always available for our questions or any help. I really want to thank all the teachers and facilities for putting on so much effort to help us achieve our goals”.

Trishna ShresthaNCLEX-RN Passer

NCLEX-RN in Nurse Assist International  has been a very valuable course for me. The teachers are very very good. They can simplify any topics in a easy way. The teaching style, materials are so good and on point.
I have been referring to other people enquiring about NAI. I would refer every single person to NAI. Best place. The classes are so interactive. The teaching styles are really effective and makes me understand the topics that I thought are hard enough. The environment created for the study and classes are very good. I have been able to understand the topics in an easier way. It is so successful and beneficial for me. NAI is the best”

Suman KhadkaNCLEX Passer

This course has been useful for me. Educators at NAI are very experienced and helpful. Online classes were very effective for and it was an interactive session that help to improve my critical thinking. I would be happy to promote Nurse Assist to my colleagues.

Sangita GosaiOSCE Passer

At first , I was quite reluctant to enrol into the course. I thought, it was first attempt trial and error for both the parties, the students  and the institution. And, wasn’t  quite ready to give in my hard earned money for something I couldn’t be sure of.
But, when I started researching about NCLEX , its materials and every other thing related to it i felt exhausted. Something , i needed at the time most was motivation and people  surrounded by same goal to keep me going. After all, it has already been 2 years without touching  books.
I decided to give in. Yes!! It was what I was exactly looking for. The cooperative, friendly and understanding  team of teachers from around the globe with in depth knowledge and interactive classes.  Abundance of resources for practise, several mock tests to ace the exam. And Lots of  motivation.

Kusum KarkiNCLEX-RN Passer

Yes, I have found this course more helpful, and the educator are really good in their teaching style . Online class are very interactive. Educator helps to clear each and every doubt of the student. Recording systems helps me a lot as I can watch video again and again. Yes, I am very happy to promote Nurse Assist for Nclex preparation. Thank you so much NAI for helping us to achieve our goals.

Asmita SubediOBA Student

I think this course has proved to be valuable for me to achieve my goal to be a NCLEX-RN. Most of the educators were very good and knew what they are teaching. They guided me through my difficulties and queries. They have and are motivating whenever I am about to lose my track. Definitely, I will refer Nurse Assist International to my friends and juniors so that they can also achieve success. Online classes were interactive as everyone is given chance to speak up and we did lots of discussions. It allowed me to understand the concepts as well. All the instructors tried and did maintained learning environment. 

Samiksha TumbapoNCLEX RN Passer