NAI has been a great support for my OSCE journey. I am proud to be a living proof of your excellent training! 💪. NAI provides nothing but quality education to their students. I highly recommend them 10000%.
At first, my anxiety level was very high because I have no idea about the standards of Australian healthcare. That was the time I decided to join the team and I did not regret it. NAI is the best institute for OSCE review and training in Australia. The staff and educators guided me to be on the right track, they responded every doubts and questions I had no matter what time of the day it was. Thank you Preeti, Maya, Geeta, Dilnoor and Georgi for making it possible for me to become helping me achieve my Australian Nursing registration.  

Sheena M. SenoOSCE Passer

I joined nurse assist with a dream to get my AU RN registration and yes I was able pass my OSCE successfully.. OSCE review training provided by Nurse assist is the best you can get. The support is immense. It certainly is to do with the right guidance and support from the educators and team NAI.I feel overjoyed and proud today to say that my dream has come true. It wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance and assistance from NAI. They pointed me in the right direction at all the times. There were times when I felt demotivated and withdrawn but the student support people from NAI never lost faith in me. They kept encouraging and pushing me forward towards my goal. The most important thing that every student should remember is to be focused and with NAI at your side you will never loose focus. Good luck  all the future students of NAI. You are in safe hands. I have cleared my OSCE and I will soon be a proud AU-RN .Thanks everyone at NAI for helping me reach for the moon .

ShielaOSCE Passer

Journey with OBA pathway was not easy but I have been extremely blessed to be a part of Nurse Assist International. Thank you NAI for all the NCLEX-RN informative classes and polishing sessions. I found NAI teaching techniques distinctive, pragmatic and engaging. It was an amazing experience where all NCLEX_RN  training sessions were filled with extensive and immense content review. Contemporary approaches of teaching was simple, tactical and comprehensive. I will always be grateful to NAI team, teachers and student support service for their guidance, incessant encouragement and motivation throughout. Thanks heaps for making learning simple, yet interesting!!! 

What more can I say – My experience with OSCE training was just amazing..No wonder I nailed my OSCE in my first attempt. That says it all and the hard work that the team has put through in ensuring we get the best and are trained to the utmost quality and standard. Thanks you NAI 💖, I forever be very grateful.” 

Shrijina SharmaNCLEX-RN and OSCE Passer

“I have joined NAI about a year ago hoping to take OSCE exam a few months later. I have joined the zoom meetings, and the teachers there were very professional. Later on, my exam was postponed but NAI still agreed that I’ll participate in the practice in Sydney. I enjoyed every moment of this week, that was very intense. During this whole time they were very dedicated to make sure we’ll pass the exam. Unfortunately my exam was postponed again and again, and NAI still encouraged me to continue with the online and face to face training. Every time I felt desperate Preeti called me and encouraged me. The staff of NAI were more then teachers. I have never experienced such a dedication. After a year I have passed the exam on my first try, thanks to NAI, I have passed in 8/10 station. Thank you all, and special thanks to Preeti.”

Nurit HadadOSCE Passer

“I must say that I am sooo grateful I’ve been part of the NAI family in achieving my AuRN dream. Their OSCE preparation course has equipped me with theoretical and practical skills that I need to pass this very challenging examination. Their online and face to face classes were superb. Not to mention the lab and materials they offer were truly a massive help! The journey was hard, but with Ms. Preeti, Ms. Geeta and the educators all by your side, giving you that boost of confidence, providing you their unending support, and sharing their unbelievable knowledge to all their students, it was indeed a sweet and wonderful journey”🙏🏼

EileenOSCE Passer

“It’s my privilege to write a review for such a  wonderful institution. First of all I would like to say it’s not an institute. Moreover, it’s a family. It’s true that all the facilities took more effort than us to make our dreams come true on the OSCE Exam.

Being an overseas nurse, the training took us to broaden our marvel of Australian Nursing Standards and practices. The learning material and teaching material are so advanced up to the AHPRA standards and the caring teachers are the added benefit. I would like to thank once again for helping me to achieve my goal to be an Australian RN. All the best in the future for all of you. I strongly recommend NAI to all future NCLEX-RN and OSCE students.”

SnehaOSCE Passer

Enrolling in this course helped me a lot to recall all the topics important for NCLEX examination. Moreover, the educators are very supportive, motivating,  flexible and available asap in any queries and most of them are NCLEX trainers with years of experience. I highly recommend to all NCLEX aspirants to enrol in NAI as they have a reliable and enough resources to boost the knowledge level. Furthermore, the online classes provided, helps a lot to be clear in any confusion and are very interactive which makes easy to understand  the concepts. They are helpful through the initial process of AHPRA. Also, they provide a lot of reliable quizzes, mock tests and CAT tests which helps to increase confidence.

SangitaNCLEX-RN Passer

“I am so delighted to say that I am now an Australian Registered Nurse, a dream that I believed would never
come true.  Nurse Assist International (NAI)  is a magnificent academy run by Nurse Educators who are always there to understand to your concerns and worries. I’d like to express my gratitude to my wonderful husband and family and to the whole wonderful Team of NAI who made my NCLEX-RN and OSCE journey possible. I surely wouldn’t have been at this stage without them. The, warm atmosphere and super friendly helpful Nurse Educators who have many years of experience are always behind you to guide and support you. Access to lab and the resources were just amazing. I would like to thank Nurse Assist International for their TRUST and CONFIDENCE in me. I learnt many thing from the Nurse Assist International and Proud to be their student.”

Sapana AdhikariNCLEX-RN and OSCE Passer

“NAI has helped me to get my nursing registration in Australia. NAI has developed its OSCE training program that has helped me to get ready with my OSCE exam by providing enough knowledge according to Australia’s Health Care standard. What I love about it is they taught us based on resources approved by AHPRA. All our mentors are amazing! Preeti, Geeta, Georgi , Maya and all the other part of the team helped me to overcome my fears for practical exam. 
Attending classes to our skills lab feels like going to my second home. I appreciate their trust by providing us unlimited access to skills laboratory at any time or day to practice, which I believed one of the reasons why I was able to do my skills, as the saying says “Practice makes perfect!”. I am always proud to be part of Nurse Assist International family and I would recommend it to all of my friends for sure. 
To Preeti, you’ve been our mother for this journey I appreciate all your encouragements and for the short period we shared, I felt that you only want the best for us. To my favorite teacher Geeta, thank you for all your patience and comforting words every time anxiety comes. I am proud NAI OSCE PASSER!”

Nikki Guinto- Delos ReyesOSCE Passer

I am grateful to NAI for all the support and learning provided for me to pass my OBA (Outcome based assessment) Pathway. I would recommend NAI as the best NCLEX-RN and OBA review center in Australia. I am so thankful to the lecturers and their materials given to us. They have a solid learning management system which helps the students to get adapted to the Australian health care system. I would not have excelled in OSCE without the proper guidance and support from Nurse Assist International. NAI provides the best OSCE package and training in Australia.Thanks NAI for making me an Australian RN. I would recommend them to all the overseas students who are looking for support. 

AnureetOSCE Passer